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   Newsletters - April 2015

April Newsletter 2015

Welcome to this edition of What’s on the Horizon.

Thinking of renovating? Or maybe you just want to freshen things up before you move in?

“A renovation, addition or cosmetic change can make an enormous difference - but only if it’s well done! Careful planning and thoughtful design is so important - even for relatively small projects. I’ve seen far too many things go wrong when people don’t use a professional team. To get you inspired here are my top 10 ideas!”

David Moses, Managing Director
2014 MBA Young Builder of the Year

David’s Top 10 ways to freshen up your property

  1. Repainting and polishing floors.
  2. Repainting the interior, laying new carpet and/or re-polishing your floorboards are easy and effective ways to modernise your new property. But beware you get what you pay for; check out the preparation work the tradesmen are planning, and if it’s not sufficient you could be doing it all over again in a year or two.

  3. Consider engineered flooring.
  4. If carpets or existing floorboards need to be replaced you might like to think about using "engineered" timber boards. They’re a “greener” alternative to traditional floorboards because they use a lot less timber. They’re much more stable and there’s less shrinkage, expansion and cupping problems over time. Many come pre-finished, so there's no dust, fumes, or inconsistent finishes. A bonus is you can also install underfloor heating or ventilation at the same time.

  5. Ventilation health check.
  6. Older houses and apartments often have inadequate ventilation and damp problems. Gaps around windows and doors are also common and can make things a bit cold in the winter months, plus increase your heating bills. Whatever the problem, a building professional can identify damp areas and offer solutions to regulate the ventilation and temperature of your home to avoid long term problems, and save you $$$. Ventilation devices can be positioned between the roof space, under the floor and behind walls and can eliminate many damp issues.

  7. Update outdated fittings.
  8. You might want to consider replacing outdated or unattractive light fittings to new LED ones, bathroom cabinets and mirrors, taps & shower heads to more modern looking and water-saving models, and maybe even doors and cupboard handles. For a small financial outlay this can make a huge difference. This is especially worth doing if you’re repainting!


  9. Open plan living.
  10. It’s often relatively easy to extend family living spaces by opening up the walls between the kitchen and living and dining rooms or enlarging the existing door openings. This is a great way to create a modern, free flowing and welcoming space.

  11. Consider some custom made joinery.
  12. Sometimes the furniture you have might not be a perfect fit for your new home. You might like to consider custom joinery? It’s a great way to use space efficiently and can provide excellent storage solutions. An entertainment unit with a recessed TV is a space saver, built in window seats allow for storage, bookshelves and wardrobes streamline rooms - the list goes on… anything is possible!


  13. En-suite bathroom.
  14. Typically older homes and apartments will have just one family bathroom. The addition of ensuite bathrooms where possible is often quite easy to achieve, less expensive than most people think and can be a lifesaver for a busy family.

  15. Let there be light!
  16. Opening up the back of a house with bi-fold doors can make an enormous difference by creating a light filled indoor-outdoor living space. You might want to add some decking or a veranda as well? Skylights and sky tubes are cheap, save electricity and can light up dark corners or hallways and can even be installed in built-in wardrobes.

  17. Updating the kitchen, bathroom and laundry.
  18. Modernising utility areas can make a big difference to a home functioning well. Updating and building in appliances and bathroom furniture for your needs can personalise your home. From healthy cooking steam ovens to vanities with deep draws for storage and quiet energy efficient dishwashers, you will wonder how you ever got by with the old ones and make much better use of your space.

  19. Plan and prioritise with the professionals.
  20. Talk to building professionals about your ideas and budget. They can help you prioritise the work by giving you a realistic idea of what can be achieved with the budget you have now and what could be done at a later date. Spending a few dollars upfront on planning will definitely pay off in the long run, as design professionals can advise you on the best way to update your property, and what approvals you may need.

  21. Landscaping (I know, we said top TEN, but there you go...).
  22. Freshening up the garden, getting rid of dead plants, planting some new, level grass, and putting in some garden lighting can make a huge difference to your front or back yard, and welcome your visitors to your home before they've even got to the front door.

What our clients say.

“David, you and your team were so good to deal with - responsive, flexible and on time and budget. All our friends are amazed at how the addition has transformed our home - why didn't we do it years ago? We both also really appreciated the way Horizon performed on the various smaller jobs you've done for us. Your team are all skilled and very helpful - a pleasure to work with.”
Jack & Di Ritch, Vaucluse

“Hi David, please accept my thanks to you and your team on the work done at our house over the past 6 weeks. I have found every aspect has been dealt with in a professional, courteous and pleasant manner. I have already recommended a friend to use your company… and am very comfortable if you want to use this as a reference to potential clients.”
Barry Smorgon, OAM Executive Chairman

Best regards,

David & the Horizon Habitats Team.

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