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   Newsletters - August Awards Edition 2015

August Newsletter 2015

Welcome to this special award's edition of What’s on the Horizon.

Why do we love building?

Early mornings. Late nights. Storms like we've had this past week... Managing expectations of clients, architects, staff, subbies and neighbours. We recognise that builders don’t build, they manage. For us, that’s a core philosophy. We’re not electricians, plumbers, bricklayers, tilers or painters – we manage a team to complete projects in the most efficient way. We build homes that won't move or leak, do it as fast as possible, to the highest quality, keeping our workers safe, all for a competitive price.
When we are judged to have succeeded in this by our peers, we get a fair amount of satisfaction. Following on from last year, we have again been recognised at the Master Builders Association Excellence in Housing Awards 2015. Held on Saturday evening, we won two categories. Woo hoo!

Horizon Habitats has been acknowledged eight times in the past six years for exceptional building work at the awards. It is a testament to the team that we continue to deliver quality year in, year out. You see, that is why we love building.

David Moses, Managing Director
Our first award was in the New Apartments $1 Million+ category for this stunning block of two bespoke apartments in Bellevue Hill.
The existing house was demolished, and after four months of piering and excavation to hold up the surrounding properties, we created a solid brick and concrete structure catering for an underground car park, single level apartment and two-storey penthouse.

Architect: Phillips Henningham Architects 
Engineer: Alba & Associates
Interiors: Karen Gordon Interiors
HH Project Manager: Oren Cohen  
HH Site Manager: Aaron Kennedy

"I chose Horizon Habitats because of their track record; what stood out was their documentation processes - weekly meetings, construction schedules and reports all an excellent standard. The quality of the work, scheduling of construction and co-ordination of the sub-contracted trades has given me great respect for the professional capability of Horizon. Needless to say I am thrilled with the result." Giza Fletcher, Owner

"Thank you David and the team for your efficient and thorough input into resolving construction and finishing details at 44 Bundarra Road. The result is a well finished building with a very satisfied architect and ecstatic client. Your company is backed up by first class project managers, employees and contractors." - David Phillips, Architect

"Alba and Associates is pleased to support Horizon Habitats as they are not only able to construct difficult and complex structures, they are a team that is a pleasure to work with. This project is a testament to the pride and diligence Horizon applies to all of the projects we have had the pleasure of working together on." - Steve Petrucco, Engineer
Our second winner (joint) was in the New Homes $750K-$1Million category for this compact terrace with a spacious feel in Woollahra.
Architect: Sam Crawford Architects 
Engineers: Northrop Structural Engineers
Photography: Brett Boardman
HH Project Manager: Oren Cohen  
HH Site Managers: Tim Barnes [initial] and Daniel DeStoop [final].

This home was featured in issue 104 of HOUSES.
"From the demolition of the existing premises to handing over the keys to our new home, Horizon Habitats provided us with an outstanding experience. We are particularly satisfied with the quality of the craftsmanship and detail throughout the home. The more time we spend here the more appreciate the effort that has gone into the details. The attitude of the team is commendable. When faced with challenges, they constantly demonstrated a solutions orientated attitude and a willingness to work with us all to find a resolution." - Suraj Gandha, Owner 

"We have worked with dozens of builders over the years, and very few can match the efficiency, skill, integrity and professionalism of the Horizon Habitats team. They are a pleasure to work with." - Sam Crawford, Architect
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