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   Newsletters - August 2015

August Newsletter 2015

Welcome to this edition of What’s on the Horizon.

David Moses Managing Director
Building workshops
Several more architectural firms have been in our boardroom lately nibbling on cheese and sipping some great pinot discussing how architects and builders can work together to get the best outcomes for our clients. It's been time well spent; we covered things like efficient pre-construction cost-planning processes,and other relevant topics to make the building process as smooth and transparentas possible. Email me to book in your team for an afternoon of lively discussion and fun! We can accommodate up to ten, and are very close to gaining CPD accreditation with the RAIA. Below are the team from Tribe Studio Architects.
HOWI - As of August 4, changes to the Home Warranty Insurance system (now the Home Building Compensation Fund) came into effect. The major change is that rather than an annual limit forjob starts, builders now have a limit on how many open jobs they have on at one time. Additional changes include new application forms, and a completion declaration required to be filled in by the builder at practical completion of each job in order to get that part of a builder's limit back.
David Moses, Managing Director
2014 MBA Young Builder of the Year
Building wisdom
"Don't teach a bricklayer how to lay bricks."

My old boss, business partner,friendand mentor, Huw Davies, the founder of Horizon Habitats, used to tell me this time and time again from very early on in my career. It stuck with me ever since, and is one of the core philosophies we follow at HH.

The basic principle is not to teach our subcontractors how to do theirjob - they should know already! If we need to, they're the wrong guys for us and our clients. We need their counsel as well as their skill. In return, we provide a source of safe, continual work. It's a team relationship that works both ways.

We have spent the last quarter of a century not only finding the best staff and developing robust systems,but also building a network of specialist craftsmen in every single trade to ensure everyjob is completed to the highest possible standards of quality.

We only want towork with the best - in fact, we want THEMto teach USeverything they know!
Building icons
Look at the latest images of Farmstay project at The Oaks, about 1.5hrs out of Sydney.You know it's big when you can see it from space!
Building maintenance
One of the biggest sources of leaks that we attend to are caused by an excessive buildup of leaves and debris in gutters. Simple stuff really,by allowing the gutter to fill up with waste of any kindblocks the water passage, making waterback up into the house. Trapping water in gutters can also cause premature corrosion of the gutters themselves.

Regular clearing and maintenance as well as the installation of leaf-guards will stop the leaks, and allow your gutters and downpipes to last much, much longer.

Our Maintenance and Small Works division can help those who are time poor or scared of heights.Why not book in one intense spring maintenance audit to kick things off? If you would like to ask us about what's involved in regular maintenance programs contact us.

Most people look after their car more than their home. Which is worth more? Your car is only going down in value and your home should only go up.
Silvio Raso Contracts Asministrator
Building teamwork
This month we meet Foreman Aaron Kennedy. Aaron is considered part of the furniture around here, having started as an apprentice last century. He is our reigning 2015 Employee of the Year - great work Azza!

What do you enjoy most about working at HH?
I enjoy the different types of buildings we get to work on; and teamwork with the boys onsite is really rewarding.

Where in Sydney do you live?
We live in Ermington.

Do you have a nickname?
Yep, it's Azza or Harry...

How would you describe yourself?I think it would be as a family man, it's that simple really.

Do you have a favourite movie?
I like the actor Clint Eastwood and my favourite movies are Heart Break Ridge and Saving Private Ryan.

What are your favourite activities to do outside of work?
I really like to get away from it all and go bushwalking and camping with a bit of archery thrown in.

Name three famous people you would love to invite to a BBQ at your place?
Salma Hayek, Clint Eastwood, Sir David Attenborough and JFK.. that's four but I reckon the more the merrier!

What was the best news you ever received?
I think it would be hard to choose from… my wife accepting my marriage proposal and then the birth of our son - pretty special those two.

If you weren't in the building industry, where would we find you working?
Probably I'd be digging for dinosaur bones and gemstones…
Building innovation
Always on the lookout for cutting edgetechnology, we are trialling a cloud-basedsystem and app called Close out to better manage the efficientlyof our projects. Designed to overseequality control, the app tracks incomplete work at the end of projects, enabling us to identify the outstanding job,and notify our subcontractors of the deadline. Builders, clients and architects can access the app and are able to update it as well. The incomplete job stays on the list until we acknowledge that the subbie has finished or rectified it.Watch this space!
Building sustainability
One of the key philosophies of sustainability is the reuse of reclaimed or recycled materials. It is that simple - the more we reuse products the less we acquire new products and deplete world resources.With that in mind, we just had to share with you this original Aussieseat.
Up there with design guru Arne Jacobson? No….Architectural masterpiece? Not quite….Cutting edge, avant-garde design? Definitely not.Way cool, and we wish we had one on site? Hell yeah!Only in Australia!
Building relationships
In my 50 years in this business I have not experienced such professionalism with a building company and their ability to organise and execute the works within a set timeframe and cost. Harvey D. Little, Lindsay Little & Associates.
At our recent staff meeting we decided it was about time for a new team photo.. so here are most of us [a few are missing…] on the beach at Point Piper. Thanks team for being so patient, the result is good - worth the standing around don't you think?
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