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   Newsletters - December 2015

December Newsletter 2015

Welcome to this edition of What’s on the Horizon.

David Moses Managing Director
I never feel very comfortable saying ‘I told you so’, but recently when a friend said “David you were right…” it was on the tip of my tongue.

I knew exactly what he was talking about. We had given him a realistic budget for a renovation a few months earlier and he decided to go with another builder who had quotedless but would perhaps not deliver the same quality.

So after a large number of variations and extensions, it seems my friend will probably pay around our original figure if not more, and the job will take longer to complete, not to mention the headaches the process has incurred.
Of course I didn’t say “I told you so”, what help would that be to him now? I would be lying if I said there was no satisfaction in knowing our estimate was spot on. Experiences like these remind me that we do things right and that our quoting system produces accurate and realistic estimates.

On the other hand there is an overriding level of frustration with this scenario and it’s not a new place I find myself in. Here was a great job with a terrific client, with whom we have mutual respect that could have been a rewarding experience for us both. Instead we have missed out on an opportunity by simply being transparent, detailed and honest with our quoting and estimating.

That’s life, and we move on. We would much rather lose a job with an accurate tender than lead people astray by under quoting just to win some work, and end up with conflict and distrust all the way through the job.

On that note, we are looking forward to 2016, and we wish you and your family a Happy Hanukah, Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!
Building productivity
Our annual Mangement Team Day was at Empress Falls in the picturesque Blue Mountains. Team days spent out of the office are great fun and also remind us in a different way, how much more we achieve when we work together. Group decision making, collaboration, problem solving, individual responsibility, trust and self disclosure, support and respect for each other all come into play during team activities. We all had an awesome time abseiling in the morning and canyoning with an abseil down a waterfall in the afternoon. The adrenaline was pumping and it was a fantastic experience.

Building wisdom

Condensation challenges with air conditioner units at this time of year are common problems and it's important for them to be managed properly to get the best result. Condensation occurs when humid air hits a dehumidified metal surface, in other words it's the laws of physics. Closing your windows and doors will prevent this phenomenon and lower running costs because you’re a/c system is trying to remove water from the air to lower the temperature in the space.

We had a few incidences last year due to the extremely hot and humid summer and we learnt the best way to manage condensation is to run the unit on dry mode first before switching over to cooling mode. "Dry Mode" is designed to take the humidity out of the air with not such intense cooling.

When the humidity is out of the air, it’s time to switch over to cool mode. It is really important not to have any windows or doors open whilst running the air conditioning on cooling mode.

If you know it is going to be a hot day keep the unit running continuously ensuring all windows and doors are closed and then the whole area will acclimatise and condensation will be greatly minimised.

"At RJ Air, our advice is to select a system that is a little larger in cooling capacity to address the extreme heat loads, whilst delivering swift dehumidification and reducing the wear and tear on the compressor".

David Long, RJ AIR Group

Building icons

Hunter Douglas Commercial Roller Blinds with Qmotion Technology is a super quiet battery operated blind system. The battery is hidden inside the roller blind tube and there are no wires or cords, making it perfect for use in streamlined interiors or environments with children or pets. The roller blind can be operated with or without a remote control.

Building character

Men's health was the big winner in our Movember fundraiser in which we raised a staggering $19,000. Site Manager David Koranyi ran away with two top awards at our End of Year Party. He won the prize for the "Best Mo", as well and being the highest individual Movember fundraiser! Well done Dave. We also donated $5,000 to Mates in Construction helping prevent suicide in the construction industry. Thanks to all the guys and girls for helping to change the face of men's health in Australia.

Building teamwork

This month we meet Yehuda Bassin who works as a Contract Administrator.

Yehuda when did you join the team?
In July this year.
What do you enjoy about working at HH?
I really enjoy learning and a challenge, and as every project is different it comes with its own set of challenges, so I am constantly learning new ways of doing things and taking those learnings forward to the next project.

What does a typical work day involve for you?
Studying plans and specifications, requesting quotes, comparing prices and signing up subcontractors.

Where's home?

How would you describe yourself?  
Curious, creative, determined and energetic.

Do you have a nickname?
Its Hudi!

Your favourite sporting teams and why?
Red Bull Racing because Daniel Ricciardo is driving for them.

Do you have a favourite movie?
Guardians of the Galaxy (new Star Wars isn’t out yet)
What are your favourite activities outside of work?
Swimming, archery, camping, cooking and watching Formula 1.
Three famous people you would invite to a BBQ at your place?
Daniel Ricciardo, Mark Webber and Hugh Jackman.
What's the best news you ever received?
When my brother and his wife had their first child.

If you weren't in the building industry, where would we find you?
The design Industry for sure probably either Architectural or Industrial design.

Sum up Horizon Habitats in a word

Building projects

The latest photographs from our current projects.
The Farm Stay project in Picton has got off the ground and is taking shape.
Our fabulous Potts Point project is coming to a close just in time for our clients to enjoy the New Year's Eve fireworks from the terrace! We are going to miss that wonderful view.
Building get together

We had a great night at our End of Year Party at The Ivy Sunroom. It’s a fantastic venue that instantly gets you in the mood to celebrate. Thanks to everyone for joining us and helping Horizon Habitats celebrate another successful year.

We were really happy to include a live and silent auction to raise money for the Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation. We raised $2,750 and the money will go towards getting sick children better and helping their families cope with the financial burden they may be experiencing. At this time of year it’s good to think about those less fortunate than ourselves, and lend a hand anyway we can.

Here are the awards we handed out this year:
Employee of the Year was Oren Cohen (Last year’s runner up).
Apprentice of the Year was Christopher Plummer (again – 2nd year in a row). Runners up were Luke Irwin and Aslan Moses.
Subcontractor of the Year was John Economou from Mainpower Electrics. Runners up Masterform and Add Water Plumbing.

Ten Year Service awards were given to Site Managers David Koranyi and Daniel De Stoop. Thank you guys for your continued dedication and commitment.

Five Year Service awards were given to Tracy Sher, Justin Buckingham, Alex Pryor, Brendan O’Sullivan and Reece Yule. We hope to be giving you all a ten year award in another five years!

Congratulations to all our winners for 2015.
Employee of the Year was Oren Cohen, with runners up Luke Irwin and Aslan Moses
Apprentice of the Year was Christopher Plummer (again – 2nd year in a row).
Subbie of the Year was John Economou from Mainpower Electrics.
We donated $5,000 to Mates in Construction.
Ten Year Service Awards went to David Koranyi and Daniel De Stoop.
The Auction Room action, raising money for The Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation.
Building relationships

“The RJ Air Group has formed a very strong relationship with Horizon Habitats based on a passionate and common focus of delivering the very best outcomes for the client. Their staff, professionalism and support of sub-contractors is very much appreciated and we very much look forward to furthering this in 2016 and beyond.”

David Long, RJ AIR Group

Building workshops

We are taking bookings for our CPD accredited Cost Planning Seminar for March 2016. If you would like your team to be more skilled in cost-planning and pre-construction processes, learn how to get more competitive tenders, as well as gaining a greater insight into the building process in general, contact us to book in a time. We have had some excellent feedback [and developed a streamlined working relationship] from several architectural firms who have attended.

Our office will be closed from Wednesday December 23 and re-open on Monday January 11, 2016. Looking forward to working with you in 2016 and beyond!

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