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   Newsletters - July 2015

July Newsletter 2015

Welcome to this edition of What’s on the Horizon.

Building professionals

Part of our high-performance culture here at Horizon is that all members of our team, from our apprentices all the way to the top, are encouraged - urged even, to continually improve their skills and competencies. Whatever they learn, and then share, we as an organisation are all better for it. We even pay for all their education expenses!

I have recently returned from three weeks away attending the first stage of a three-year business management course in the US. I'm glad to say that everything ran smoothly here whilst I was away - a result of the years of continual improvements we have made in our business, hiring the best people available, and execution of best-practice systems - on site and in the office. As well as it did run, I gained an insight into many areas that we can continue to improve, and am excited to make the many (none too drastic) changes & tweaks necessary to keep us as at the forefront of the Sydney luxury building industry, and further build on our reputation as Sydney's most professional luxury home building firm.

David Moses, Managing Director
2014 MBA Young Builder of the Year

Building wisdom

We recently got called out to look at some water dripping from the ceiling under a 1st floor bathroom in a home we built several years ago. At first glance, it appeared that the shower was leaking - but was it the drain, a failure of the waterproofing, the mixer, or the shower head?

After cutting a hole in the ceiling to see what was going on, and some further investigative work and a process of elimination, we determined it was caused by a blockage in the drain, which was full of the kids' hair! The ceiling then had to be patched and painted...

Smart tiles and grated drains have been all the rage for some time now, and they look fantastic - but they can attract a build-up of soap, dead skin, and hair to create a blockage just like this. Be sure to add them to your regular maintenance schedule for a clean out once or twice a year.


Building education

We have recently been running afternoon seminars in our office for architects and their staff, to better understand how architects and builders can work & collaborate together - particularly in the pre-construction stage of a project's life-cycle. Feedback so far has been fantastic with everyone benefiting from the discussion.

We can accommodate 8-10 people at a time, and it runs for about an hour or so, depending on how lively the conversation becomes! Some fine wine and cheese has also known to be on the boardroom table at the same time.

Let us know if you'd like to attend, send some people from your office, or take out the whole room for yourselves. We have applied to the RAIA for CPD accreditation.

Building icons

This project was one hell of a challenge. Taking over a project that a previous builder had done a sub-standard job on, Horizon Habitats was called in to first rectify the various waterproofing issues inherent in the existing structure, and then fully refurbish the four bedroom Rose Bay waterfront home. Whilst at it, we were asked to build a boathouse at the water's edge. Only problem was that is was over 80 steps down from the street, and the entire site was filled with the previous builder's buried rubbish!

We worked closely with architects Bruce Stafford Architects, Interior Designers Hare + Klein, and engineers Partridge Partners to develop a scope to fix the problems and meet the clients' budget

Over ten months and many barge deliveries later, the results below speak for themselves!




Building teamwork

This month, we meet HH Site Foreman
David Koranyi

When did you join the HH team?

Where do you live? Family?
The Koranyi's live in Baulkham Hills. We have family primarily in Argentina & locally they are scattered across Sydney.

Favourite sporting team?
Have to be the team I won a premiership with 2 years ago. The mighty Baulkham Hills Kookaburras.

Favourite thing to do outside of work?
4WDing, camping & shooting.

Three people you'd love to invite to a BBQ?
Dick Smith, Bear Grylls & Nigela Lawson!

If you weren't a builder, what would you be?
I always had an interest in either Electrical or Plumbing although when I was at school I did work experience with a structural engineer which also interested me.

Best part of working for Horizon Habitats?
Knowing that through my journey I have helped create some of the area's most-recognised homes, something that I am proud to drive my kids past & show them now & in 20 years what we built.

Building innovation

Check out this amazing Grotto Sauna on Lake Huron, Canada. We can just imagine sitting back and relaxing whilst taking in the magnificent view. Peace and serenity!

Architects: Partisans; Photographs: Jonathan Friedman


Building sustainable

We've been saying for a long time now that luxury houses are becoming more and more sophisticated, with many complex systems installed for such things as energy management, energy efficiency, and quality of life. We have been installing more and more integrated hot water systems in to our homes. A system such as Rotex can heat water that is then distributed around the house as hot water, hydronic underfloor heating, and even to heat the pool. There are also many good looking radiators out of Europe that can be run on the same system as well. Heating options include solar, natural gas, heat pumps and more.

Building relationships

Our home in Woollahra that we completed last year in collaboration with Sam Crawford Architects has been nominated for a Woollahra Council Design Excellence Award. Click here to register your vote!

Here's what Sam had to say after working with the HH team:

"We have worked with dozens of builders over the years, and very few can match the efficiency, skill, integrity and professionalism of Horizon Habitats. They are a pleasure to work with."

- Sam Crawford, Sam Crawford Architects


Building carefully!

See this video showing the dangers of using cheap, imported products that do not meet Australian standards. In this case a knock-off of Alucobond products used in a Melbourne apartment building.

Best regards,

David & the Horizon Habitats Team.

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