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   Newsletters - May 2015

May Newsletter 2015

Welcome to this edition of What’s on the Horizon.

Recent News

The biggest news in the building industry over the past month were the major storms that passed through Sydney with a vengeance. The storms were declared a natural disaster, with some of the most intense hail Sydney has seen since the 90's. Our Small Works & Maintenance Division responded to a multitude of callouts during and after the storms, and we are helping our clients recover from the resulting damage and process insurance claims.

David Moses, Managing Director
2014 MBA Young Builder of the Year

"To the optimist, the glass is half-full. To the pessimist, the glass is half-empty. To the engineer, the glass is twice as big as it needs to be!"

On our horizon

We have been selected as Construction Managers for a new waterfront home in Double Bay. We are collaborating on this very exciting project with one of the world's leading international residential architects, South African-based SAOTA; as well as Tanner Kibble Denton (TKD) Architects in Sydney. It will be starting in June, with a completion date of late 2016. These architectural renders show what the finished property will look like, and we think it's going to be pretty spectacular.

Dave's quality tip

Mould is a major enemy around your home. It is a health risk and it causes rot in timber as well as attracting wood destroying insects like termites. Mould spores require a combination of a food source - like timber - and combined with darkness, warmth and most importantly moisture - it grows. Sources of moisture include leaking pipes, leaking roofs, condensation, wet clothes in laundries, rising damp and poor ventilation.

Prevent mould by preventing moisture. Make sure your sub-floor, wall cavities, and roof spaces are well ventilated, either by natural air-movement or introduce mechanical methods like fans and dehumidifiers. Natural light is also effective in killing mould, especially in roof spaces, as mould cannot grow in ultraviolet light.

Quality buildings can only be built with quality people

This month we meet Contracts Administrator Silvio Raso. Silvio joined the team 18 months ago, having spent many years on site in his family's concreting business. Silvio works in the office part-time whilst studying towards his degree in Construction Management at UTS Sydney. Besides working and studying, he is a keen soccer player.

Time-lapse photography

We are currently building a rural luxury farm stay and with our client and architect both based in Asia, and our office a 1.5hr drive away, we needed to find a way to keep all stakeholders in touch with the building progress. We did some research, decided a time-lapse photography system was the solution, and set up a fully self-contained camera on site at The Oaks. The Construction View camera allows us all to log in from anywhere around the world and track progress of the project via regularly updated images uploaded via the internet. The camera has its own 3G-upload system, taking an image every 20 minutes.

At the end of the project the images can be made into a movie showing the entire construction process from foundation to completion. It's kinda neat, check out the sample video here.

Maintenance and Small Works Division for:

Regular maintenance - monthly, quarterly or annual maintenance programs specifically for your property.
Reactive maintenance - one off jobs, storm damage repairs, or sprucing your home up for selling or renting.
Small building works - let us show you our professional approach to building. We can update or fully renovate your kitchen, bathroom, living areas, or replace decking.
Remedial building works - strata repairs, waterproofing, treating concrete cancer, render repairs, or replacing windows, we can handle all sorts of works large or small.

Best regards,

David & the Horizon Habitats Team.

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