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   Newsletters - September 2015

September Newsletter 2015

Welcome to this edition of What’s on the Horizon.

David Moses Managing Director
Building professionals
We interviewed a new apprentice this week. A shy, young schoolboy wanting to start a career in building after completing HSC. One thing we discussed, was that six of our twelve foremen started out at Horizon as apprentices.

We're really proud of this. That they're still part of the team says a lot about our company and our people. It is very much a two-way street which facilitates this culture and we are so pleased to have half our senior foreman in this group. Staff retention is a key component of our high performance culture. Some of our team have been with us in excess of 15 and even 20 years. It's important the newest team members are aware of the career path available to them, if they work and study hard.
A clear but flexible career path is something to strive for and is paramount in anyones life. Most of our senior guys were apprentices, and are now great mentors to the younger ones, whilst they too continue to develop new management skills. We see potential in every apprentice we hire; that they might one day lead projects, manage and teach new team members and consistently add value to a well-balanced work environment for years to come. They're the ones we add to our team.

David Moses, Managing Director

Building wisdom

“We are not a team because we work together. We are  a team because we respect, trust and care for each other.”
 Vala Afshar
Teamwork is one of our core values at Horizon and we aim to work with stakeholders who strongly share this value. In our sophisticated industry is it imperative we all work together to obtain the best outcomes for everyone involved. Clear communication, open and honest feedback and clear lines of responsibility and expectations are paramount. The benefits are substantial to all; from clients to subcontractors and suppliers, to architects, designers and engineers as well as all Horizon staff. Having everyones needs, desires and expectations outlined, managed and fulfilled, if not exceeded, will continue to add value to us all.

Building icons

We recently finished this 
sophisticated home in Vaucluse in collaboration with MHN Design Union and Partridge Structural. The 1,100m2 site was extremely difficult to traverse and with a three-metre driveway as the only access point, it was a daily challenge for all involved. Demolishing and removing the existing home, removal of the excavated rock, and delivery of building materials demanded expert management and execution. The home boasts a variety of finishes including off-form concrete walls and ceilings, alucobond cladding, and a blend of stone and timber floors, making this project a special one to be part of. Duration was 18 months.
Mates in Construction Day

A few weeks ago on World Suicide Prevention Day, we supported the Mates in Construction initiative. The feedback has been positive, and as well as building awareness of mental health issues that can effect any of us, it gives us a chance to reflect and remember those we may have lost too soon. Below are some photo’s that were taken at some of our sites. A big thank you to all involved, we really appreciate your participation in Mates Fly the Flag for World Suicide Prevention Day and value your commitment to supporting this very important cause within our industry.
Building maintenance
The most common spring cleaning jobs our Maintenance Division are currently called on to carry out include:
  1. Sanding and re-sealing of timber decks to maintain it's life, enhance appearance and reduce splinters in the timber.
  2. Sanding and sealing timber windows, doors and screens to extend the life of the timber and helping to prevent rot.
  3. Pressure washing external stone decks, benches and floors thereby removing mould and sealing to prevent the stone from detreating.
  4. Cleaning of external stainless steel components every 1-4 weeks (depending on proximity to the ocean) removing salt build up and reducing the chance of tea staining.
  5. Washing and painting of external rendered surfaces every five years to prevent detrition of rendered walls and water absorption.
  6. Servicing mechanical components of lifts, pool pumps, rain and storm water pumps and water filters to prevent untimely breakdowns.
  7. Pest control inspections once a year to protect against and prevent termites, insects and vermin.
  8. Cleaning of air conditioning filters every three months to maintain air quality and machine efficiency and conserve power.
Silvio Raso Contracts Asministrator

Building teamwork

This month we catch up with Senior Project Manager Tony Lisicic.

Tony, when did you join the HH team? 
March 16, 2015
What do you enjoy most about working at HH? The energy of the team and the people; from apprentices to senior managers it's a great mix of individuals, making up a good balanced team. And of course delivering the most beautiful projects in Sydney in the prettiest locations.

Where do you live? 
Inner West in Camperdown. Breeding Ground for the NEWTOWN JETS!!!

Do you have a nickname? David calls me T-Bone!
How would you describe yourself? Very tall.

Your favourite sporting teams and why? Hajduk Split – Over 100 years of great football.
BMC Racing – Getting Cadel over the line first in The Tour De France in 2011. 
1998 Croatian National Football Team – first official appearance in the world cup, third place and the Golden Boot, and the party they generated in Croatia during the campaign that electrified the little nation.

Do you have a favourite movie? The Italian job for the best car chase; and Run Lola Run for the craziest twists and turns you can get in a movie, and then understanding very little.
What are your favourite activities to do outside of work? I enjoy cycling, hiking and reading.
Three famous people you love to invite to a BBQ at your place? Felix Baumgartner – Red Bull Stunt Man to tell us the greatest stories of living on the edge. Johnny Knoxville – Jackass, the ultimate practical joker. He might be a little bored without his crazy mates. And finally Mick Fanning to talk about finding his guardian angel after escaping from the jaws of a shark.

What was the best news you ever received? When my wife said “yes” to my marriage proposal and a couple years later when she said the words “I’m pregnant”.
If you weren't in the building industry, where would we find you? I would love to be a Pro-Surfer, to be on the beach most days and living a permanent life by the sea. Going to the most beautiful places on earth and meeting a huge diversity of people from all over the world.

Building innovation

Check out
this video from Nulok Roofing shot at our Watsons Bay project. It reveals the beautiful Spanish black slate roof being installed.

Building relationships

"As an Interior Designer I’ve had the privilege of working with David Moses and Horizon Habitats for about 16 years. I find Horizon refreshing to work with as they take responsibility for the job. They are solution oriented and when issues surface (as they inevitably do on any building project), Horizon are proactive and willing to make things work to achieve the best outcome all round. One of the marks of a great builder is being able to deliver on time and Horizon consistently delivers, and in one memorable case, shaved two months off a project. Horizon are great to work with and make my life as an Interior Designer easier and I regularly refer them to my clients as a great choice of builder". 
Meryl Hare, Interior Designer, Sydney
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